Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage 2018: Australisches Deutschtum

08/17/2018 09:00 to 08/19/2018 17:00 (Australia/Adelaide)

University of Adelaide, Australia

A God Fearing People cast into a strange and forbidding land! The German Baptists of Queensland

  • David Parker
  • 08/18/2018 11:30
  • Eclipse Room

At its peak around the end of the 19 th century, German migration contributed up to 10% of the population of Queensland. Of these, a significant group were, or become, Baptists, and they were concentrated in the area north and west of Ipswich. With roots of their churches developing first from the 1860s, they eventually formed their own denomination; after the mid-1920s they merged with their ‘English’ counterparts who were established first in 1855 and organised themselves in 1877....