Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage 2018: Australisches Deutschtum

08/17/2018 09:00 to 08/19/2018 17:00 (Australia/Adelaide)

University of Adelaide, Australia

Nineteenth Century German linguistic thought and Australian Aboriginal languages

  • Clara Stockigt
  • 08/18/2018 14:40
  • W P Rogers Room

A substantial proportion of what is discoverable about the structure of the hundreds of Aboriginal languages that were spoken on the vast Australian continent before their post-colonial demise is contained in nineteenth-century grammars written by missionaries who had been trained in Germany and who spoke German as their first language. Lutheran missionaries were especially prolific, describing the grammatical structure of Kaurna, Ramindjeri, Barngarla, Diyari, Wangkangurru, Yandrruwandha, Arrer...

Recording German speakers in the Barossa and beyond: Maintaining and renewing a heritage language

  • Peter Mickan
  • 08/19/2018 10:50
  • W P Rogers Room

German speaking immigrants settled the Barossa and regional South Australia in the mid 19 th century. German was the community language for social, business, education and cultural purposes. The Lutheran communitiesbuilt churches,established German schools and colleges,and conducted religious and social activities in German.However, the impact of two World Wars and dominance of English resulted in the dramatic retraction of German from the middle of the twentieth century. Children were warned no...