Conference of German-Australian History and Heritage 2018: Australisches Deutschtum

17 August 2018 09:00 to 19 August 2018 17:00 (Australia/Adelaide)

University of Adelaide, Australia

Waltzes, Wurst and Wine: Adventures in Search of German-Queensland

  • Mark Schuster
  • 18 August 2018 11:30
  • W P Rogers Room

Folklorist and historian Mark Schuster ( has spent half-a-lifetime travelling throughout southern Queensland recording, documenting and also performing the unique traditions of the once extensive German-Queensland farming communities. The presentation will focus on the settlement patterns, traditions, culture and stories of the communities. As well as illustrating the wealth of traditions unearthed, Mark will provide a fascinating insight into his adventures in the quest...

Which Side of the Hyphen? Acculturation of German Immigrant Music into a Unique German-Queensland Musical Landscape

  • Mark Schuster
  • 19 August 2018 12:00
  • Eclipse Room

This presentation will focus on the research findings of a long-term study into the acculturation of music and song of the once extensive German-Queensland farming communities. The original music, song and dance repertoires were the extensive ‘cultural baggage’ of the mass migrations from the Germanic regions to southern Queensland from the 1850s to the early 1900s. Folksong, dance, accordion, brass band and zither traditions will be detailed and the geographic ‘songlines’ of these traditions wi...

The Benefits and Challenges of Exploring One's German-Jewish Genealogy in Contemporary Australia

  • Rachel Croucher
  • 19 August 2018 14:00
  • W P Rogers Room

A unique set of challenges are always posed for anyone exploring a heritage that includes mixed ancestry, none more so than for German Jews in contemporary Australia. While just as staunchly Australian as the next person cheering at the footy, German Jews in Australia still face the question of whether they are German or whether they are Jewish — despite in fact being both — whenever they commence their own genealogical journey. Rachel’s talk includes interviews with five Australians of Germ...